Health is a combination of physical, mental, emotional well-being. It is undoubtedly the greatest wealth a man can have. So, to keep a check on your health you should get time out for yourself. Proper medical diagnosis is the only way to keep check of one’s health. Most people delay on medical checkups because of lack of time. Time is everything these days. Busy routines, tough schedules make it hard for people to seek medical attention. This redirects one to illnesses.

Scientists are not just looking for improvement in medicine and equipment but also to solve the problem of taking medical facilities to everyone. These facilities enable everyone to access medical facilities. But the problem of not having enough medical physicians is never solved. It cannot be. WHO Member States report to have less than 1 physician per 1000 population So, the only way to deal with this problem is to equip people enough so they can do it themselves, without reaching out for a professional medical assistance which takes time as well as money. The solution used in Medical Examination kits more commonly known as the SELF TEST HEALTH KITS.
These are easy, fast and reliable medical testing kits that can be used in the privacy of one’s own home. The way these health self-tests work is that these kits can be ordered as per need.

The tests include:
• Blood glucose tests
• Menopause tests
• Multi drug tests
• Urine infection tests
• Female chlamydia tests
• PRIMA anemia test tests
• Pregnancy tests
• Stomach Ulcer tests
• Bowel Health test
And many more tests.
Home testing with the new self-health test kits allows you to keep on top of your own personal health, in association with your doctor. They do not replace medical checkups but are best used in conjunction with medical advice as an initial indicator of symptoms or in follow up of treatment to assess progress. Now the greatest advantage these tests provide is the time. Most of them give back results in almost 10 or less minutes. These kits are available in medical pharmacies and the NHS.

1. If you bought A self-testing kit should be properly check to confirm its newness.
2. Self-test kits even if they have CE mark (“Conformité Européene” which literally means “European Conformity”) is not a sign of its reliability.
3.Professional help should be sought if one has any concerns about faulty results.
4.Most of the tests are for to use once. Then these tests should be properly disposed off.
5.These tests are not a replacement to physicians. Professional medical assistance should be sought in case of emergency.
6.In case of testing diseases like HIV aids and other epidemics, if they unfortunately result in positive sign professional medical help should be sought in swiftly.

Papers were written in the past against self-testing being unreliable but in studying the benefits of self-studying Professor Kit Fairley said: “The study he conducted is the first published randomized trial of home self-testing – it showed no harm but considerable benefit. Prior to the study there was substantial uncertainty about how safe’ home testing was. It significantly adds to the evidence in favor of regulators allowing self-testing but the tests must be purchased from reliable sources to avoid sham’ products. There were no serious adverse events in the study which also reassured regulators.”