Health Self Test: Keep Your Breasts Healthy

Being a woman, have you at any point noticed unusual lumps and bumps in your breasts? All things considered, without performing a suitable checkup or test it turns out to be extremely difficult to recognize which change is normal for you. Really, your breasts experience several changes with the passage of time and most of these changes are usual. To recognize a usual and unusual change you can perform a health self test ( or a checkup without anyone else’s input. In fact, such sort of test enables you to comprehend what is normal and healthy for you without consulting a doctor.

Most of the ladies who know about such symptoms dependably prefer breast health self test and think about it as part of their weekly or daily routine. It is imperative to know that this process isn’t meant to replace different tests like mammogram, ultrasound and so forth even it ought not to be considered as a substitute for weekly/month to month clinical testste. The purpose of such exams is to tell you that your breasts and find out any conceivable peculiarity.

Now, having said that, how do you carry out a breast health self test?… please read on and get to know. Following the below mentioned instructions, you will be in a position to perform the test well and more accurately.

Lay down on your back on a smooth surface.

First for all, make a pad of three fingers of your left hand i.e. left index, middle and ring fingers. After that, move this pad over your right breast by making circular and small movements.

Presently gradually increase the pressure of your fingers to observe your breasts in more detail. Try not to cause pain in your breasts while expanding pressure.

Keep in mind this is meant to acknowledge how your breasts feel and look normal. Never consider it as an instrument to detect the sort of disease accurately.

Repeat every single above advance to check your left breast and chest area.

Breastlight: A Useful Device to Detect Anomalies

Breastlight is an innovative device to perceive what is inside your breasts. It utilizes its safe red LED light and illuminates your breasts to demonstrate the inner structure and you will have the capacity to see everything inside like a series of threads. It demonstrates the inner structure of your breasts as a pattern of dark lines. This is normal for your breasts since dark lines represent blood vessels and veins. This device will likewise demonstrate any inconsistency as the dark patch so if you notice any peculiarity present in your body; make beyond any doubt you consult your GP immediately. It is better for you to examine your breasts in a dark room to achieve better results. It’s is a perfect handheld device to enhance your breast awareness process.

One of the advantages of health self test(magesÃ¥r) is that it helps you to determine any problem before you even see a specialist. This is good because whenever a health-related issue is detected early, a doctor is able to treat it with ease and it doesn’t become a big threat to your health. As a woman, you need to keep your breasts as healthy as normal, accurately use the above procedure to detect any problem and then take the necessary measures.